University of Alaska Senior Information Security Officer in Fairbanks, Alaska

Senior Information Security Officer

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Classification:Information Systems Professional 5A

Grade:Grade 82

Work type:Staff Full-time

Administrative Unit:University of Alaska Statewide

School/Business unit:UAF Office Information Technology


Categories:Information Systems/Technology

Position Summary:As a member of the OIT Security Administration Team, the Senior Information Security Officer provides security services delivery and support using a variety of skills in networking, system administration, user support and security analysis. The Security Administration team is responsible for monitoring the university network, detecting and responding to information security issues, performing security assessments, assisting with security awareness programs and architecting and managing the infrastructure providing the University’s security services. An ideal candidate has security incident response, digital / network forensics, penetration testing, and vulnerability management experience. This position requires flexibility and adaptability to stay current with the fast paced changes occurring in the fields of information security and IT.


05Leads coordination of partnerships and projects with external organizations such as the State of Alaska, Federal Agencies, school districts and libraries using university information technology assets, on matters of information security relevant to the two MAUs in Fairbanks.

Maintains readiness to perform the duties of Chief Security Officer during his/her absence.Essential

10Serves as a key member of the Computer Incident Response Team (UA CIRT), whose primary oversight responsibilities include: developing, publishing and maintaining comprehensive university wide information privacy and security strategies, plans, policies and related issues; acting as the primary control point during significant information security incidents concerning the two (2) MAUs in Fairbanks and remote campus locations.

Supervises and or prepares quarterly security reports summarizing security incidents, remediation and accomplishments for the two Fairbanks MAUs and remote locations.Essential

15Evaluates security software and point products, recommending their adaptations based on sound technical assessments, merits and suitability to university information technology infrastructures.

Reviews and appraises the soundness, adequacy and application of security and other controls for the protection of information resources.

Ascertains the extent to which information collected, held and/or used by SW and UAF departments is properly controlled and safeguarded from loss of confidentiality, integrity or availability.Essential

20Leads the development and maintenance of an Information Security Policy under direction of the Chief Security Officer for the University by developing and implementing information security rules, procedures, and practices to comply with state/federal laws pertaining to information privacy and security; and to comply with University of Alaska Board of Regents policies and regulations pertaining to information resources.

Implements strategic information security plans, supplemented with the development of annual security plans to address ongoing and emerging security threats, contributing to business continuity planning processes.

Leads development and monitoring operations of a formal procedure for reporting information security incidents and investigations.

Leads development and implementations of a response system to resolve copyright infringement complaints involving university information resources.Essential

25Leads and performs technical tasks such as vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection/prevention, incidence response, security audits and security sweeps of MAU networks, determining extent of university systems exposure based on forensics.

Leads setup and monitoring of intrusion detection devices and points within the university network.

Develops and conducts security seminars with appropriate course materials targeting the user community, students, faculty, staff, management and technology professionals.Essential

25Provides the security management functions for two MAUs in Fairbanks and remote campus locations.

Leads and performs technical forensic analysis functions of machines and systems to determine if compromised and extent of compromise.

Provides guidance to information technology consultants assigned to SW and UAF departments and to the end user community by advocating best standard practices in the university environment leading the security aspects of the system design.

Identifies and tests controls and, where appropriate, suggests additional controls, which may be established to maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability of information resources.

Monitors compliance with the policy throughout the University and to develop procedures for effective security, ensuring enforcement of security policies and safeguards.

Monitors emerging vulnerabilities and security threats, perform risk assessments for all systems and disseminates relevant information and remedies to all affected units.Essential

Position Scope/Complexity:

The Senior ISO is authorized access to SW and UAF Information Resource systems for the purpose of assessing the security of those systems.

Because the Senior ISO has authority to carry out the tasks unhindered, and, with the cooperation of faculties and departments, he/she may expect the cooperation of University staff in carrying out these duties including access to systems and records, and the provision of information and explanations.

Daily operational application of security compliance guidelines and practices adopted within the two (2) MAUs located in Fairbanks.

Determines and coordinates corrective actions related to security breaches.

Provides guidance to system personnel pertaining to new attack vectors or vulnerabilities discovered through various external agencies or internal testing.

Analyzes and resolves significant problems.

Problem resolution requires considerable analysis of multiple components or conflicting issues.

Applies broad understanding of program, organization, system and/or client needs to resolve highly complex


Identifies new services and opportunities for process improvement.

Independently evaluates and meets complex organizational, program or system needs in assigned area.

Specialist or expert resource.

Serves as a strategic advisor.

Is a team or project leader.

Plans and directs activities/functions for multiple operations, programs or projects.

Projects typically impact critical programs, operations, systems, major work groups, or multiple functional areas.

Authorized to commit the program or organization to projects/expenditures within well-defined guidelines.

Interprets and applies complex rules and regulations: University, State, Federal and International guidelines, recommendations and laws pertaining to security.

Is familiar with the directives, regulations, policies, and guidelines that address protection of information resources based on classification.

Background Check:

The successful applicant is required to complete a background check. Any offer of employment is contingent on the background check.

Must also be able to complete a Criminal Justice Information Security (CJIS) background check and obtain CJIS Security Certification.

Probationary Period:

Pursuant to University Regulation 04.07.020, new employees of the University are employed in an at-will probationary status for the first six months of employment. During the probationary period, employment may be terminated for no reason or any reason. Promoted employees also serve a probationary period with limited rights of retreat.

Training Policy:

It is the policy of the University of Alaska Fairbanks that all employees are required to attend training to meet the requirements of the positions they hold, and to complete the required training within a specified period of time to remain employed at UAF. The policy can be located at:

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UAF Campus is a tobacco free campus. For more information, please go to:

Notice of Nondiscrimination:

The University of Alaska is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and educational institution. The University of Alaska does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, citizenship, age, sex, physical or mental disability, status as a protected veteran, marital status, changes in marital status, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, parenthood, sexual orientation, gender identity, political affiliation or belief, genetic information, or other legally protected status. The University's commitment to nondiscrimination, including against sex discrimination, applies to students, employees, and applicants for admission and employment. Contact information, applicable laws, and complaint procedures are included on UA's statement of nondiscrimination available

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